Cuttington University Alumni Association in the Americas is a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of uniting and engaging its members by various means to enable their Alma Mater remain a great moral force for change through its magnificent tradition of academic excellence.

The goals of the Association include, but are not limited to:

Enriching the lives of Alumni through frequent and fruitful exchanges among themselves (e.g. “homecoming” reunions) and through constructive engagement with members of the larger communities in which they currently reside;

Mobilizing maximum goodwill and material support in the Americas to buttress and enhance the University’s efforts toward providing quality education for its students, and establishing effective mechanisms to solicit, receive, and manage contributions of alumni, friends, philanthropists and charitable organizations for this purpose;

Encouraging and fostering a spirit of self-reliance and self-sufficiency among Alumni by undertaking income- generating activities to support the University and by establishing and institutionalizing self-help projects at the University to enable needy students work their way through school;

Promoting the good name of the University by Association members leading exemplary lives and employing the media print, electronic, internet, etc.) to inform the public about the role of their alma mater as a vital instrument of social change in the world community

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Cellphone:    (703) 986-4189

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Yes you can; but to get a better understanding of the University, we would recommend you contacting the University to get a guided tour.


CUAA members get together, at least, once a year to discuss how we can give back to the school and for fellowship.


You can request a transcript online, in person, via mail or fax from the University Registrar’s Office. The fee for online ordering of transcripts is $$$$$$$, payable by credit card. (This includes $$$$ to CUAAA for the transcript and $2.25 processing fee to the National Student Clearinghouse.) Processing time for transcripts takes an average of six to seven business days.

To order a replacement diploma, contact the CU Registrar’s Office (Suacoco, Bong County). Give your name as it appeared on your original diploma, your degree and the date of your graduation. (Your replacement will include the signatures of the officials who signed your original diploma.) Enclose $25.

Please allow six to eight weeks for processing and delivery.


According to the IRS, Membership fees or dues.   You may be able to deduct membership fees or dues you pay to a qualified organization. However, you can deduct only the amount that is more than the value of the benefits you receive.