Although only Regular Members of the Association (graduates, most former students, former faculty and staff) can vote or hold office, other forms of membership (Associate and Honorary) are open to all persons of goodwill, irrespective of color, race, creed, ethnic or national origin, religious background, and so forth. All that is required is good character, a keen interest in the University, and a willingness to help support quality education in Liberia and Africa.

Interested in a membership?

All graduates, former students, friends, and former faculty and staff of Cuttington University (including the schools that preceded it over time) shall be eligible for membership of the Association, regardless of age, race, nationality, gender, ethnic origin or religious affiliation. Anyone desirous of becoming a member of the Association shall submit an application for timely consideration. To become and remain an active member of the Association, however, it shall be necessary to subscribe fully to the provisions of the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws, including the payment of dues and regular participation in the various activities of the Association. Membership shall fall into the following three categories: Regular, Associate, and Honorary.

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Regular Membership

Associate Membership

Regular Members

Regular Members shall include all Alumni in the Americas (defined as graduates, former faculty and staff, and former students who completed at least one year of study at the University and left in good standing.)

Former students completing one semester, but less than one academic year, may apply for regular membership and be admitted on the basis of merit.  The Membership Committee shall vet all applications and take timely and appropriate decisions. All Regular Members shall be eligible to hold office and to vote.

Associate Members

Associate Members shall include all friends (non-alumni) in the Americas who may desire to assist the University through the Association.

Such individuals, upon applying for and gaining membership, shall enjoy all rights and privileges thereto appertaining, except the right to hold office or to vote. Associate Members shall be expected to participate in various programs (fundraising or otherwise) of the Association and to pay dues as specified in the Bylaws.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership shall be conferred by the Association upon eminent and distinguished persons in American society.

Such persons shall be elected to membership by the Alumni Council on the basis of their interest in the University and their potential to contribute significantly to its growth and development. Honorary Members shall enjoy all rights and privileges of membership, except the rights to hold office and to vote.

“Active” Membership

To become an active Regular or Associate Member of the Association, a completed application form must be submitted to the Membership Committee via online application, mail or email for vetting and appropriate action.

A successful applicant shall be required to remit an initial Membership Fee of $100.00 to the Treasurer for deposit into the Association’s account. Active membership status shall last for one fiscal year with good behavior and shall be renewed each succeeding fiscal year upon payment of membership dues specified in the Bylaws.